Global Food Company, Ltd. is a company dealing mainly with import, processing, packaging and trade in victuals. The company portfolio includes a wide range of rice, pulses, flour, cereal crops, muesli and rice cakes, positioned in the main price segments for the purpose of optimal market coverage.

The headquarters of the Company is in Sofia, and the production and warehouse base and the operating management is situated in Plovdiv – one of the most important economic centers in Bulgaria. We own the trade marks of IZZI, Clio and Sorte. The mark of IZZI is one of the marks gaining recognition on the Bulgarian market, created to win the trust and loyalty of each of our clients on the basis of constant and high quality. Our motto is no accident: „Taste you know…” having proven its authenticity over the time.

The company mission is the achievement of maximal satisfaction of the end user, complying at any moment with the changing needs and demand. The main goal is the creation and recognition of business partnerships, search for new markets and improvement of the product portfolio in compliance with the market development.

The relations created with the suppliers from all over the world, as well in Bulgaria, guarantee us the necessary high quality of the raw materials used for our products. It gives us an advantage over our rivals and enables us to ensure good partnership conditions in the interim unit, so that you can reach every home.

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